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Print Services

We offer a full array of printing services on a range of printing substrates and inksets.  Maximum media size is 4ft x 8ft for rigid materials and 87" wide, for the short dimension, for roll media.  We stock 190-300lb archival watercolour paper, flame retard canvas, indoor/outdoor PVC, ACM, glass, plexiglass, coroplast, wood, aluminum and much more.   When choosing UV inksets, prints can be used for outdoor applications.  


Printing on demand means artists can reduce costs by not having to stock images but we have plenty experience with larger full production runs.  We have produced large runs for hotels worldwide which include a specialty glass run for the Ritz Carlton in Macau.   Over the years we have worked with all sorts of custom specialty printing applications varying from rhythmic gymnastics costumes, pillowcases, doors, stitched leather, CNC cut metal shapes, and hand gilded glass.  Feel free to contact us and discuss how to turn your artistic vision into reality.

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