Fred Peters

The late Fred Peters is a Vancouver Island born artist that captures Western Canada's magical landscapes.  Fred's distinctive impressionistic style has provided him a large following of art collectors.

FP5_Schooner Beach.JPG

Robert Jones

Robert's artwork captures the majestic mountain ranges of Canada.  Blending fine airbrush techniques and acrylic brushstrokes with splashes of vivid colour.

RJ89_P5_ Moraine Lake Mist.jpg

Winifred Lee

Mrs. Winifred Lee was born in Beijing, China in 1934.  In 1977 she relocated to Canada continuing to paint and blend chinese and western styles.  Mrs Lee's artistic experience is evident in the fine quality of her paintings.

Jack Campbell

The late Jack Campbell was a New Westminster B.C. born artist who specialized in Watercolour and Acrylic paintings.  Jack's free spirit is evident in his impressionistic artwork.

Chris Ling

Chris Ling is born and raised in Vancouver B.C. Canada.  His photography captures the westcoast's natural beauty and hidden gems.

Linda Frimer

Linda is a well respected Canadian artist born in the wilderness town of Wells B.C..  Linda channels her spirituality through expressions of light and colour in each of her paintings.

April White

April is a Canadian Haida artist born in the Haida Gwaii.  She is direct descendant of the world-renowned Haida artist, Charles Edenshaw, of the Eagle Clan.  Educated as a geologist from the University of British Columbia, April couldn't deny the calls of her family's deep artistic roots.

Dornacilla Drydale Peck

The late Mrs Peck was an abstract artist who emerged in the late 40s and early 50s out of the Yale School of Art.  Mrs Peck was a talented artist well ahead of her time with a career spanning 70 years.

Paul Windsor

Paul Windsor is a Canadian artist born and raised in Kitimat B.C..  Paul’s artistic motivation stems from a drive to bring people together from different generations from his culture.