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Digital Services

ZheeClay Arts has been offering high resolution digital scans and proofing for over 20years capturing countless images up to 10ft.  Because artwork comes in a plethora of size, shapes, and textures a large format PhaseOne scanback mated to a 4x5 camera and digital lenses was chosen.  Lighting is provided by dual 4000w Arri HMI flicker-free continuous tone lights.  We chose this process over flatbed scanners because has no size restrictions on artwork.

Digital proofing is an art form on its own, in the same way a paintbrush in different hands can yield many different results.  We pair our many years of digital colour proofing experience with the highest end colour rendering technologies.  All our colour profiles are prepared in house on our automated Barbieri spectrophotometer.  The Barbieri allows us to make custom profiles on canvas and papers as well as specialty media such as metallics, rigids, and transparents giving us repeatable and accurate results.  

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